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Lazar Ika


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Highly motivated, dedicated, resourceful, optimal-solution-seeking, pattern-spotting, good‑spirited, inquisitive, forward‑thinking, fast and always learning druid turned software developer.

Lazar Ika

I am currently working in a great environment and I am happy almost every day when I get to make something work! :D SUCH JOY! :D

I speak Java, Groovy, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a bit of PHP. ;)

When it comes to frameworks, I am currently working on two large-scale projects, one built on Grails (Spring, Hibernate, Groovy, Java), and the other using Laravel.
I have had some experience with Vue and React Native.
I had also finished a course on Spring and Hibernate.

One of the benefits I bring to the table is proven high level of contribution in the workforce, and in many areas that is, not just software development, but with organizing and optimizing processes and team work. I have a rich history of high productivity in very intellectually demanding, multidisciplinary positions, measurable outcomes of which are denoted in the Experience section, as well as in my downloadable PDF resume.

I get the sense my current boss is very satisfied with my work, and our US-based client requested to work with me once more, after our first experience working together.

I am quick to understand new concepts, which comes prepackaged with my innate drive to always learn. I am naturally trying to make myself, my work, my environment, and my overall impact - better.

I strongly feel people should have a positive impact on each other’s lives, and I am doing my best to live accordingly. I think people should be happy and satisfied with their work, and I believe that those positive feelings naturally lead to better and more creative outcomes.

Apart from playing with my keyboard, I love spending time with people I love, having meaningful connections, dancing, listening to Einzelgänger, Brené Brown ❤, fr Richard Rohr ❤, Impact Theory, and similar content, learning about philosophy, psychology, and sociology, and I love the time I get to spend in nature. I have shared some of my photos here.

I have started this little blog in order to share practical solutions that helped me overcome the issues I encountered as a young programmer. For instance, setting up the Android emulator (AVD) on a Mac with the M1 chip (2021-07) . Step by step - just like I would like it. ;)
I am hoping maybe I can spare someone the time, energy, and nail-bitting I went through. :)


Most advanced work I have done is comercial, but I can share some of the projects I had created along my learning path.

To see them in action, click the corresponding links, or view source code on GitHub.

(Looking back from this perspective, I realize now how much I have advanced in the meantime. :) And I can not even imagine where I would be in another year, or two, or five. :) ).

Dosage Calculator

HTML CSS JavaScript

(Source code on demand)

Calculate ibuprofen and paracetamol syrup dosage for children, based on input body weight, as quickly as possible.

Post-It Notes V4.0 [array]

HTML CSS JavaScript

Source code

Post-it notes.

In the process of being extended into a full-stack project

First Personal Website

HTML CSS JavaScript

Source code

I wanted to make myself present online and showcase my work, practicing the craft I was learning.

Number Guessing Game

HTML CSS JavaScript

Source code

Inspired by MDN



Source code

In case you might be wondering what I think about it. ;)

Codewars Solutions

Java SQL
Since 2020/03

Code (on Github)

Playing with Java and SQL solving katas at Codewars.

Pluralsight Profile


I took Pluralsight's Java proficiency test prior to taking courses in April and got Java IQ 153, 52nd percetile.

freeCodeCamp Portfolio

Since 2019/11


Solving freeCodeCamp challenges while learning JavaScript.

My Current Website

HTML CSS JavaScript

Source code


Experience     (Since 2014/07)

Software Developer     (Oct. 2020 – Present)

@ Piktogram Studio, Belgrade

Programming :D / Solving problems

- Grails 4 Web App (large-scale):
    - create a page accessible to super admin, listing cases with S3 and DB photo numbers, checking discrepancies and fixing them (recent comlex feature, very proud of it);
    - create API endpoint and business logic for uploading photos to AWS S3;
    - create API endpoints (and logic) for listing and updating entities (with documentation);
    - handle specific image caching, local and on AWS CloudFront;
    - generate dynamic thumbnails using significant letters of labels (data fetched from the DB);
    - annotate images using coordinates from the database;
    - edit JasperReports elements, generate PDF, share via email;
    - add new list filters;
    - and many, many more; it is hard to remember since tasks are getting larger and more plentiful... this is regular work now. :)

- Laravel 9 Web App (large-scale) - CRUD; views, validation, controller logic, APIs;

- Maintain a Vue app;
- Convert an existing small PHP web app to Laravel 8 (app using MySQL database);
- Build a web conference app prototype in React Native;
- Build WordPress plugin generating PDFs from GET parameters and attaching them to Contact Form 7 emails.

Software Developer - Intern     (Oct. 2020 - Jan. 2021)

@ Piktogram Studio, Belgrade

Trying to figure out - everything. ;D / Programming / Solving problems |

- Build an Android game using Cordova and Processing/p5.js :D
- Android app edits: new layouts, buttons, links and localization

Professional Experience in the Field of Pharmacy    
(Jul. 2014 – May 2019)

I firmly believe is relevant because it made me. And my accomplishments and relations tell a story about me as a colleague, a leader, and an employee.

The fact that the large pharmacy I was managing had annual revenue growth 2.7 times greater than the average, shows that I can organize a large system, handle multiple different intellectually highly challenging duties, analyze and optimize processes, be a good mentor, motivate a group of people to function as a family, and provide high quality, client-centered service.

The fact that I spoke to and tried to solve problems of tens of thousands of patients taught me how to read minds ;) and made me highly apt to spot misunderstandings in communication, both with personal engagement, and between other people. Both very useful.

The fact that I was chosen by our headquarters to be an Article registry team member shows that my IT aptitude was always being used and recognized.

The fact that I was chosen by colleagues to be a member of Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia Assembly and President of the Court of Honor, shows the esteem in which my colleagues see me, based on the experiences we had had together, and the contribution I made.

I think these experiences are highly relevant, and paint glimpses of a picture of me and the value I bring to a team, a project, people, work, and an organization, as an employee, and as a human being.

Pharmacy Manager     (Nov. 2015 – Aug. 2018)
Licensed Pharmacist, primary healthcare provider     (Aug. 2015 – May 2019)

@ ZUA Farmanea, Dr.Max

Pharmacy management / stock management / professional correspondence / pricing / relations with Health center healthcare providers / documentation management / patient care and counseling, meeting individual needs / Rx drugs dispensing


- mean revenue increase of 33.69% in 2017 (industry standard is 10-15%);
- above average stock parameters;
- six satisfied and motivated employees operating as a family;
- two employees mentored from their professional beginnings;
- around a thousand satisfied patients (clients);
- twelve physicians, Health center director and two RFZO employees satisfied with the cooperation with our pharmacy;
- satisfied regional manager and the institution headquarters;

Article registry team member     (Jun. 2018 – Oct. 2018)

@ Dr.Max

Article registry optimization (duplicates, names, codes, bar codes, categories…) / delivery registry mapping / software migration preparation / approximately 28 000 articles

President of the Court of Honor, first-instance;
Assembly member     (May 2018 – Feb 2021)

@ Pharmaceutical Chamber of Serbia


Resourceful problem solving
Top 1% IQ (according to MENSA)
Analytical thinking
Process optimization
Perpetual learning drive
Interpersonal skills
Humane leadership
Written correspondence


Java Intermediate
Groovy Intermediate
MySQL Average
JavaScript Average
HMTL Average
CSS Basic
PHP Basic
Grails Intermediate
Spring & Hibernate Intermediate
Laravel Intermediate
Vue Basic
React Native Basic
Cordova Basic
Processing / p5.js Basic
Git Intermediate (top 15% on LinkedIn)
ASW S3 Basic
Maven Basic
Gradle Basic


Milan Mihajlović, B.Eng.

Software Engineer at Amazon

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My iMentor

Prof. Katarina Karljiković Rajić, PhD

Faculty of Pharmacy, Belgrade University

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Jelena Čolić, MPharm

Pharmacy manager at Dr.Max

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Katarina Aleksić, MPharm

Category Management Specialist at Dr.Max

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Contact information omitted for privacy reasons.
* Contact me directly for my references' and iMentor's contact information.


These are my most tangible interests, hobbies, pastimes and passions:

deep, meaningful conversations,
philosophy, sociology, psychology,
helping people,
antiquated games (GTA: San Andreas, Test Drive Unlimited 2);
and here are some of my photos I love the most.

Blog = Solutions

I have recently started this little blog in order to share practical solutions that helped me overcome the issues I encountered as a young programmer. For instance, setting up the Android emulator (AVD) on a Mac with the M1 chip (2021-07) . Step by step - just like I would like it. ;)
I am hoping maybe I can spare someone the time, energy, and nail-bitting I went through. :)

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